Hyaluronic Acid Undiluted Solution

Hyaluronic Acid Undiluted Solution

Hyaluronic Acid Undiluted Solution 10mL

Hyaluronic Acid Undiluted Solution 80mL

Hyaluronic Acid Undiluted Solution 20mL
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To the moisture enriched era, hyaluronic acid beloved by many people

Our hyaluronic acid is created by applying the biotechnology of the fermentation of micro-organisms. By using it together with cosmetics, moisturizers, sheet masks, and shampoo, it keeps your skin, hair, and body moisturized and smooth.

HYaRO Beauty Series

Moisture Shampoo
Moisture Treatment

Basic skincare using hyaluronic acid undiluted solution

Hyalu Beauty is a line of basic skincare items using our hyaluronic acid Undiluted solution. You can experience true moisture unique to our hyaluronic acid solutions.

Taiyo-no-Aloe Cosmetics

@cosme collaboration mask

@cosme collaboration mask

In collaboration with @cosme! Highly adhesive to your skin to seal moisture!

Originally developed sheet mask with the macromolecular hyaluronic undiluted solution. It will simply adhere to your skin to protect and bring back the moisture in your skin.

Awayuki Yukihada Powder

Awayuki Yukihada Powder (Making kit)

Awayuki Yukihada Powder (Powder only)

Vitamin C, a synonym for beauty and health

Vitamin C acts to restore the increase of dark-colored melanin due to ultraviolet light in the top layer of your skin to light-colored melanin. It also acts to reinforce blood vessels and skin through the acceleration of creating collagen and helps to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Vitamin C in its natural state is difficult to absorb; the “Vitamin C inductor” allows Vitamin C to get absorbed more easily.

Taiyo-no-Aloe Health Foods

The beginning of Taiyo-no-Aloe.
Bringing you a healthy and enriched life.

Kidachi Aloe Series

Kidachi Aloe 100% Pure Essence

Kidachi Aloe Pure Tablets

Kidachi Aloe infused with power from the sun for your health and beauty

Our Kidachi Aloe 100% Pure Essence is made from Kidachi Aloe grown in our contracted farm in Minami-Izu, in a natural habitat without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The Kidachi Aloe grown under the bright sunlight of Minami-Izu is characterized by its thick leaves.