To remain beautiful
and healthy
Inside and out

Our undiluted hyaluronic acid was created to realize everyone’s dream to “remain beautiful and healthy inside and out”, through continuous trials and errors in finding the “true” hyaluronic acid out of many, with all of our employees acting as testers.
Our goal is to continue being a company that enriches the mind, body and society.



About the undiluted solution

“Taiyo-no-Aloe” started as a business that connected water and global environment.
The undiluted solution (hyaluronic acid) was created as a result of wishing to enrich beauty, health, and everyday life through utilizing that technology.


What moisture brings
to the mind and body

Your skin has a life.
Your beauty has a life.
What we seek is an authentic undiluted solution that goes beyond beauty to enrich the mind

Moisturize your skin with
just a few drops of
hyaluronic acid

Our hyaluronic acid is created by applying the biotechnology of the fermentation process of micro-organisms.

HYaRO Beauty

HYaRO Beauty

Cosmetics brand created from hyaluronic acid undiluted solution



Product line-up

Taiyo-no-Aloe’s products created from the pursuit of health of the mind and body

Be aware of counterfeit products.

It has come to our attention that there are counterfeit products of the 10mL and 80mL sizes of our hyaluronic acid.
Please check here for more information.