About the Undiluted Solution

Our hyaluronic acid
was created through pursuit
water and is loved
by many people

We manufacture our original containers to maintain safety and quality.
To maintain high quality, all of our products are manufactured in their exclusive line, inspected in-house, and have become widely known thanks to word of mouth and is now used by overseas customers including China.

Hyaluronic Acid Undiluted Solution

Hyaluronic acid is originally a highly refined and pure white powdery substance with no taste or smell. By dissolving it in water, it becomes a hyaluronic acid liquid. All substances have a dissolving point in the water, and our hyaluronic acid powder’s dissolving point in room-temperature water is 1%. There is no way to dissolve this any further and the undissolved substance will sink to the bottom. We call the liquid which has the 1% hyaluronic acid dissolved in water as the hyaluronic undiluted solution.

This undiluted solution
will bring moisture and richness
to your everyday life

Our ability to produce hyaluronic acid rapidly declines to about half of that of the infants’ regardless of gender, around our mid-forties.
When your skin lacks hyaluronic acid, the ability to maintain moisture is reduced, causing your skin to dry, and lead to cause wrinkles and blemishes.
It may also affect other parts of your body such as aging and arthralgia.
Our undiluted solution uses the one and only raw materials in the world and keeping moisture in your skin with a light texture.
Now it is your turn to experience “the era of long-lasting moisture”

For your skin

For your
everyday life

For your mind


How to use the hyaluronic acid undiluted solution

Use it with your
basic skincare products

You can use it together with the skincare products you already own Just one drop will enhance the level of moisture. Being able to use it together with your own skincare products is another great characteristic of this product.

Use it with haircare products

It will make your hair easier to style. It also works great for dry hair, keeping your hair rich and moist by applying some on your hair before blow-drying.

Use it on other parts of
your body

Can be used on your fingers and other parts of your body as moisturizer.

Apply it from
top of the make-up

The 10 mL is easy to carry around. It can be applied to the dry parts of the face such as under the eyes from the top of your make-up. Due to its light texture, it can easily be applied even when you are outside.